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Our Founder Program

We know the importance of having a tight- knit and supportive community when starting a company. We'll provide the space for you to find your fiercest cheerleaders.

Applications to join our Summer 2024 is now live!



a leader who stimulates and excites people to action

For a membership fee of $25/week, you'll get access to our programming below plus a slew of other perks.


Gal Groups

Accountability circle of

5 - 6 founders to keep you motivated and constantly moving forward


Expert Office Hours

Discussions with experts (founders, VCs & operators) to answer all your questions about starting a company


Community Connections

Get to know other members in the Galvanizer network through socials, brainstorming sessions, and founder talks

Our 8-Week Virtual Program


Raising from


Angela Lee

Founder of 37 Angels,

Professor at Columbia Business School


Demystifying Fundraising

Megan Holston Alexander

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

0 (39).jpeg

Winning Your First Customers

Zach Goldstein

Founder of Thanx

0 (40).jpeg

Telling Your


Tina Sharkey 

Founder of Brandless,

Board Member of PBS

Previous Expert Office Hours

JUN 24

Week of

Kick Off

Summer 2024 Timeline

July 01 - August 23


Weekly Gal Groups & Expert Office Hours

Week of

AUG 26

Demo Day

What Our Founders Said

"I LOVED my group. I looked forward to that every time and loved how practical it was! I learned so much and had women in the group meet with me outside to answer specific questions."

– Sarah Jacobson,

Founder of Fairstreet

Got Questions?

We have answers.

Am I the right fit for Galvanizer?

We are looking for female founders who will be working full-time on their ventures this summer and are either currently enrolled in or recently graduated from an MBA program. Non-MBA grad student founders will also be considered! 


Galvanizer is best-suited for entrepreneurs who are past the exploration phase and all-in on building and testing their business model and product. 

When is the next cohort?

The next cohort will start with a kick-off session the week before program launch (week 0), between June 24 - June 28.

The 8-week program runs from July 01 - August 23, 2024.

The the Demo Day will take place in the week after the program ends (week 9), between August 26 -August 30.

By when do I need apply?
Applications are open from May 06th - May 20th

How much does Galvanizer cost?

Galvanizer is $200 for the 8-week summer program (~$25/week). If the cost of the program presents any type of financial challenge for a founder, fee waivers and scholarships are available. 

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