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Our Founder Program

We know the importance of having a tight- knit and supportive community when starting a company. We'll provide the space for you to find your fiercest cheerleaders.

*Applications will re-open in Spring 2023. Sign up to receive an email when the application goes live.



a leader who stimulates and excites people to action

For a membership fee, you'll get access to our programming below plus a slew of other perks.


Gal Groups

Accountability circle of

5 - 6 founders to keep you motivated and constantly moving forward


Expert Office Hours

Discussions with experts (founders, VCs & operators) to answer all your questions about starting a company


Community Connections

Get to know other members in the Galvanizer network through socials, brainstorming sessions, and founder talks

Our Virtual Program


Raising from


Angela Lee

Founder of 37 Angels,

Professor at Columbia Business School


Demystifying Fundraising

Megan Holston Alexander

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

0 (39).jpeg

Winning Your First Customers

Zach Goldstein

Founder of Thanx

0 (40).jpeg

Telling Your


Tina Sharkey 

Founder of Brandless,

Board Member of PBS

Previous Expert Office Hours

JUN 19

Week of

Kick Off

Summer 2022 Timeline


Weekly Gal Groups

AUG 19

Week of

Pitch Day

What Our Founders Said

"I LOVED my group. I looked forward to that every time and loved how practical it was! I learned so much and had women in the group meet with me outside to answer specific questions."

– Sarah Jacobson,

Founder of Fairstreet

Got Questions?

We have answers.

Am I the right fit for Galvanizer?

We are looking for female founders who are working full-time on their ventures and are either currently enrolled in or recently graduated from an MBA program. Exceptional non-MBA founders will also be considered (YOU are EXCEPTIONAL, please apply)! Galvanizer is best-suited for entrepreneurs who are past the exploration phase and all-in on building and testing their business model and product. 

When is the next cohort?

The next cohort will start on June 19th, 2022. Applications will open on May 3rd. Sign up to receive notifications under "Apply".

How much does Galvanizer cost?

Galvanizer is $175 for the summer (~$25/week). If the cost of the program presents any type of financial challenge for a founder, fee waivers and scholarships are readily available. 

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