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General Questions

What is Galvanizer's program like?

Our 8-week summer program runs from July 6th to August 28th and offers the following:

  • GAL Groups - Weekly hour-long virtual accountability / mastermind meetings of 5-6 peer founders to keep you motivated and moving forward 

  • Expert Office Hours - Get personalized feedback through intimate virtual discussions with experts (i.e. founders, VCs, operators) and dive deeper into your topics of interest

  • Community Connections - Virtual community sessions for peers to brainstorm various topics and celebrate achievements

  • Virtual Pitch Day - Present the progress you made over the summer to investors and professionals to network and get feedback before kickstarting your fundraising efforts

You’ll also get access to our: 

  • Founder Directory - A catalog of Galvanizer founders from every cohort

  • Advisor Directory - Network of industry experts who you can contact for one-on-one advice

  • GAL Wiki and Online Forum - Meet other founders, exchange ideas and share resources (e.g. articles, blogs, online tools, templates, accelerator programs, etc.) 

Last but not least, we are here for you, period. That means whatever your company needs, we'll do our best to tailor our curriculum and resources based on your feedback. 

When does the program start?

Our program starts the week of July 6th. You will have regular meetings with your Gal Group each week for an hour until the week of August 24th. Our optional Pitch Day will take place the week of August 31st. 

What is the time commitment?

Prepare to spend approximately 2 to 3 hours each week in Galvanizer programming. 

  • Gal Group: 1 hour (mandatory)

  • Expert Office Hours: 1 hour (by selection)

  • Community Connection: 1 hour (optional)

Will you meet in person?

Galvanizer will be fully virtual for the summer program. We hope and expect future cohorts to be in person (at least in part).

Application Questions

Who can apply?

We are looking for aspiring female founders who are working on their business full time this summer. We are currently only accepting applications from Stanford students (both graduate and undergraduate), MBA candidates, or through referrals. 

When is the deadline to apply?

Friday, June 26th, 2020 at 11:59pm PT. We'll let you know if you have been accepted by July 1st. 

When does the program start?
Time Commitment
Who can apply
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What is your program like?
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